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King Prabhakaran Bio & Family Photos. Aerial shots of Vanni, Tamil Eelam Genocide in May 09. (LTTE Tamil Tigers, Hindus) Om. (Courtesy Tamil Hindu Warrior)

Sri Krishna Janmastami Celebration in Tamil Eelam – these days will come again!

Blessed King Prabhakaran (ALIVE), 10 am, May 19. SLA-Indian army killing Tamils-Hindus in Wanni Sri Lanka. Om Brahman, Hail LTTE Tamil Tigers!

* King Prabhakaran is ALIVE, May 19 8am. Confirmed from London.
* Prince Charles Anthony, return to Heaven in battle.
* Over 100 000 Tamils inside War Zone, with 1000 Tigers, May 18.

* SLA shooting surrendering Tamils & Hindus.
* GoSL asked SINhala women to deposit jewels into National SL Bank, broke for weapons.
* Indian Army leaving Vanni, soon. False victory propaganda.

* Over 40 000 SLA & Indian killed in 2009. Payroll stopped for dead SLA, demonic widows aware. SLA members not receiving payment for services from GoSL. SLA looting temples, and civilians.

* SINhala demons attacked London Embassy in Sri Lanka, place on fire, May 18.

* LTTE is reborn with new members.

LTTE = Freedom Fighters
Tamil Tigers = Freedom Fighters
King Prabhakaran = Our Leader
Tamil Eelam = Only Solution

Om Shiva, your time to slay SLA.

Courtesy: Tamil Hindu Warrior